Why perform reference checks

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05 Aug 2022

Why perform reference checks

The purpose of reference checking is to verify the information provided by the candidate and to gain insight into their past job performance, work ethic, and overall fit for the role. It is a chance to speak with people who have worked directly with the candidate and can provide valuable insights that may not have been apparent during the interview process.

Some employers may be hesitant to perform reference checks due to concerns about legal liability or the time and effort it takes to conduct them. However, skipping this step can have serious consequences, such as hiring an unqualified or problematic employee who can negatively impact the team and the organization as a whole.

Here are some key reasons why reference checking should be a crucial part of your hiring strategy:

Confirm the accuracy of the candidate's resume and job application.

Reference checks provide an opportunity to verify the information provided by the candidate, such as their employment history, job titles, and responsibilities. This can help identify any discrepancies or omissions in their application, such as gaps in employment or inflated job titles. It is important to confirm this information to ensure the candidate is being truthful and has the qualifications and experience necessary for the role.

Gain insight into the candidate's past job performance.

Hearing from past supervisors and colleagues can provide valuable information about the candidate's work ethic, skill level, and ability to perform the duties of the role. It can also give insight into the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, and how they may fit into the team and organization.

Identify potential red flags.

Reference checks can uncover any potential red flags or concerns about the candidate's performance or behavior. For example, a past supervisor may mention that the candidate had frequent conflicts with coworkers or was consistently late to work. This information can help determine if the candidate is a good fit for the role and the organization.

Avoid making a costly hiring mistake.

Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake, both in terms of time and resources spent on training and onboarding, as well as the potential negative impact on the team and organization. Reference checks can help avoid this situation by providing valuable insights that may not have been apparent during the interview process.

Improve the overall hiring process.

Reference checking is an important step in the hiring process, and should be conducted as part of a thorough and well-planned strategy. By taking the time to conduct reference checks, employers can improve the overall quality and effectiveness of their hiring process.

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