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Employment reference checks are time consuming. Using Refcheka, you can complete your checks at scale and in a fraction of the time.

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Time Saving

Traditional reference checks can take up to 20 minutes. We bring this down to 2 minutes.

Easy to Use

Quick forms and mobile access make using Refcheka a breeze.


Free up your time by allowing our automated reminders and candidates to chase up the referees.


We use industry best practices to make sure data is safe. We have tools to notify you of reference fraud or suspicious activity.

More Honesty

Referees are more honest when completing a form compared to speaking on the phone.

Return time

Standard reference checks take approximately 2-4 business days to complete. With Refcheka and our automated reminders, most checks will come back within 24 hours!

We reduce the time it takes to reference check a candidate from twenty minutes down to two minutes. That's a 400% improvement!

Questionnaire Builder

Our questionnaire builder provides you with tools making it quick and easy to customise your templates.

Unlimited customised questionnaires

Choose from a selection of answer types

Easily change the order of questions

Questionnaire Builder
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Candidate Management

Create a candidate and an email will automatically be sent to them so they can provide their referees details.

Create candidates in less than 30 seconds

Specify the amount of referees required

Sit back and relax while the candidate, referees and Refcheka do the rest


Once the references complete the questionnaire, you can login to view the report.

Easily compare candidate and referee answers

View each reference in its own tab


Send your first reference check in under 5 minutes

Refcheka makes it easy to manage the reference checking process – which means you can spend more time on the things that matter.

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